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Our Youth!



The youth are moving into 2007 with a great impact.  This page is dedicated to their activities and spiritual growth.

Ken and Karen greatly appreciate the support of the church for the youth program.




Teens lend a hand helping with activities

Adult Helpers


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Smoky Mountain WinterFest

Sleepy but eager to get on the road early for Tennessee


A safe trip to Knoxville and enjoying it

Already looking forward to next year!



While they wait, they worship in song, music and prayer

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After returning from Winterfest, the youth attended a revival in Monroe held by Rev. Tommy Bates.  It was a time of infilling and renewal of the Holy Ghost as they participated in the services there.

Rev. Tommy Bates & Pastor Jerry

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Keith Jacobs preached at the Sunday evening service, April 29.  After his sermon, several youths were baptized.

Keith is the son of Ken & Karen Jacobs, Youth Leaders

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Baptizing Our Youth

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    Teens and Juniors sing together

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Youth Camp June & July, 2007

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Junior Camp

The Shaving Cream Battle.  It raged between the kids and the counselors.

Jarrett getting ready with his water gun to wet down his opponents.

Teen Camp

Casey was nominated for "Most Christ-like"

Casey and Courtney won an award for singing a duet

Keith was honored with his team mates for winning at baseball and football

...And a good time was had by all!

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Pastor Appreciation Day

September 23, 2007

The Youth were very much present to honor Pastor Jerry and First Lady Lorinda on their special day.

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