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Faith Tabernacle Church of God


The Church that cares about You!



Our Staff


Pastor Rev. Jerry Paul and Lorinda Grubbs

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Where We Are/Map

Rev. Grubbs was elected and served nearly six years as Church of God MA Michigan District overseer .


Our Church Believes there is:  " ~~  Hope for the Hopeless~~Joy for the Sorrowful~~Peace for the Troubled Soul~~Come share in the power of Jesus' Name!



Staff Leadership

Church Clerk:  James Carter    734-282-1944

Church Treasurer:  Delores Adams  Cell 313 207-0528

Sunday School

   Superintendent:  Myerl Baker

Secretary:   Delores Adams


        Adult Class:  Pastor Jerry P. Grubbs

        Teens:  Lorinda Grubbs

Middlers:  Alma Riddings

Nursery Co-ordinator:  Lisa Barefoot


Youth Leaders:

      Ken & Karen Jacobs  313-3867-7659

     (Click here for Youth Home page) 


    Coordinator for flowers and those in hospital:  

Alma Riddings 313 429-9461










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