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 Winter Fest 2006

 Special Note:

Ken and Karen want to say "Thank You! very much!" to all those who have been so faithful in helping and generous in your giving to make this "Winterfest" trip possible for our Youth-on-Fire kids.  Without your help we could not have done it.  You will be blessed and we love you!

Winterfest 2006 Pictures (more coming)

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Easter 2006 Drama

Under the direction of Ken & Karen, the youth presented a drama of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.  The Drama Club concluded it by performing "Behold the Lamb."  They all did a super job.  As pictures come in, they will be posted here.  Come back and see them.

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Valentine's Day Banquet 2006

To supplement funds needed for their trip to Gatlinburg to attend the Youth "Winterfest," Youth-on-Fire sponsored a Valentine's Day banquet at the church fellowship hall.  The hall was beautifully decorated by the youth supervised by Ken and Karen Jacobs, their youth leaders.  Tickets were sold and there was a capacity crowd to enjoy the delicious food and entertainment.

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Hosts, Hostesses and Friends

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The youth themselves, accompanied by some of their sponsors, served as hosts and hostesses and did a very professional job as they waited tables and catered to the needs of each table.  After the meal, the drama team performed.  Later "How well do you know your husband/wife" game took place with attending couples participating. 

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Congratulations and applause to the "Youth on Fire" team and their sponsors and helpers for a lovely evening!

The Team thanks everyone for their contributions and participation in the event.

See "What's Going On?" Page for more banquet pictures.

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  Youth Camp 2006

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Entrance Sign

Early Arrivals

These 'coons crashed the gates without paying their camp fee!
Junior Camp
Teen Camp
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The line forms here for a ride!

The "carriage" awaits to take youths for a joyride at youth camp!

Pastor Jerry & Lorinda received the "carriage" for 2006 Pastor Appreciation.


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2006 High School Graduates

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 Bon Fire Outing

October 20, 2006

Youth leaders, Ken and Karen, with the help and participation of Pastor Jerry and Lorinda hosted a "big" bonfire outing for the youth at Elizabeth Park.

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More October 2006 Activities

The younger kids, ages eleven and under, were treated with "Youth Harvest Costume Party."  They were served and entertained by the teens who played games with them and served as hosts.  Both groups reported that they had "lost of fun."

"Applaud, applaud" to Ken and Karen for another successful clean-fun-was-had-by-all activity!

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 We are very pleased to announce that Keith Jacobs, 16-year-old son of the Ken and Karen Jacobs, preached his first sermon at Youth Service on Wednesday, September 27, 2006.  He did an excellent job, and we will be looking forward to hearing more from Keith. 

Congratulations, Keith, on a job well done!

 Keith also plays drums and guitar.

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