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On   Fire!

"Gotta hurry and try to catch my pals!  It's Wednesday and they left for Youth Service.  They didn't wanna be late."


 Juniors In Action

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Wednesday Evening

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Always something going on!

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 Bible Lessons, Fun with Games and Crafts, Treats

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Special Events

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It all starts happening on Wednesday night at 6:30.  You don't want to miss anything, so be on time.

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And we love Him!

And we love our youth leaders, Karen & Ken Jacobs!

And we love our teacher, Lorinda Grubbs


 Youth Junior Camp 2006

And we love Youth Camp!
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Drummer in the Making
Ken & Karen's grandson, Nathan Jacobs
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Harvest Costume Party
October 2006
Juniors, ages eleven and under were treated by the teens for the Harvest Costume Party who played games with them and served them.  They had a great party!
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Baptism of Al Leapley.

April 29, 2007

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Theme Song


"God's Word will never fail, never fail, never fail

God's Word will never fail, No! No! No!"


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Kids Safety Tips

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 Kids Safety Tips for Parents

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