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Youth on Fire

2003 - 2005

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Youth Camp, 2005


Award Winners


Worship and Fellowship Time


Lots of fun time, too

"Giddy-up, Go!"


"Play Ball"


The "Big One" got away

Pastor Grubbs may be checking "inches" before tales begin?


Time for Lunch

They may be preparing the dinner bell?~~

But Pastor Jerry and Lorinda have great snacks


At Camp it's great to meet new friends and greet old ones


Another reason to go to youth camp!




Road Rally 2005 - Big Success

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They were given their first clue and then they were on their way to find the first stop.  At this stop there would be a checkpoint person waiting to give them the next clue.  The clues were not that easy to solve.  When they did solve them some included finding two canons by a park that were lined up side by side, finding a Meijers store with a gas station, go in and by something that cost $1.75, finding a totem pole in a nearby downtown area.
At one stop they were given cold water and snacks by the check point people.  Some were so determined to win they barely slowed down to get them.

The rally ended at a park where there was a race to see who could reach the pony rides first.  As each vehicle arrived at the park they discovered that the area where the ponies were, was closed off because of a motorcycle charity run.  They somehow managed to get around  to where the ponies were though.

Everyone got back in their vehicles and drove back to the church for pizza and announcement of the winners.  The winners turned out to be the Black team. Congratulations Black team!!

We thank God that we have this opportunity to have some good clean fun for the youth. It was a great day for everyone who  participated.



Cedar Point Outing 2005

Youth on Fire enjoyed a fun day at Cedar Point on Saturday, July 23, 2005.

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