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What Went On In 2006

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Pastor Jerry's Birthday Celebration


Valentine's Day Banquet

Sponsored by the Youth on Fire

The youth are planning a trip to Gatlinburg in March to attend Smoky Mountain Winterfest and hosted the banquet to help raise necessary funds for expenses.  The ticketed banquet was well attended and very efficiently catered by the youth and their leaders and sponsors.  The church fellowship hall was beautifully decorated, the food delicious and the entertainment was delightful.  Congratulations to Ken and Karen, their youth and adult volunteers for a lovely evening!

The youth set up a background scene for pictures.  Below are some of the pictures taken by them.

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Some of the diners at the banquet.  You can see their attention centered on the drama the youth are performing.  The youth standing (in white shirts) are part of the drama.  They were standing throughout the hall performing.

In addition to other fund raising activities, a quilt was auctioned off and raised about $700 toward their expenses.  The quilt was produced with help of the youth under the direction of Candy Scheffler.

An interesting note about the quilt:  Pastor Jerry was looking for something to use to illustrate a point in his sermon about Elijah's mantle, saw the quilt top and used it.  Afterwards it became known as 'Elijah's Mantle" with the words embroidered on the quilt.


Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!

 Ken, Karen and the Youth-on-Fire kids want to express their appreciation to all those who have been so faithful to help and so generous in their giving to make the "Winterfest" trip possible.  May God bless all of  you who participated in any way!


See Youth on Fire Page f or more Banquet Pictures


Mother's Day

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Some of the church folks met a Michigan State Park on Memorial Day for time of fellowship.


Father's Day

Sorry, some of the pictures for Father's Day were too dark to publish.


Remembering and showing appreciation

Pastor Jerry & Lorinda's Anniversary


Welcoming New Members


Pastor Appreciation


Laying Sod Around the Church


August 2006 -- CGMA Centennial Celebration! 

1906 - 2006

Took place in Jellico, Tennessee

2006 100th Year

Assembly Parade

Jellico, Tennessee




What Went On In 2005

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Mother's Day


Ladies Outing

Friday, May 6, the ladies enjoyed an outing at Frankenmuth, Michigan.  They left the church at 8:30 AM and made a day of it.  They had dinner at Bavarian Inn and did some shopping.  Karen Jacobs was coordinator.

Father's Day  2005

 December 2005 Happenings

Nursing Home Visit

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Christmas 2005 Fellowship after Christmas program


Vergel Grubbs' 90th Birthday

Sister Vergel Grubbs is the wife of  foundaing pastor, the late Rev. Paul Grubbs.  The celebration was held at a local restaurant with a host of family and friends attending.













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