Karen & grandkids, Nathan & Emily

Karen't 50th Birthday Celebrated

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God allows U-Turns.  He welcomes all who turn to Him!




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Kids and Teens on Wednesday Night

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More February

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Kids singing in Sunday morning church


Lincoln Park High School Graduates 2010

Caitlyn Wilhelm

Cheyenne Marie Luce

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Junior Youth Camp

Top: Baseball Game, Free Play Time, Shaving cream battle is on

Middle:  Shaving cream & water battle,

Pastor's grandson, Jarett at the creek and with his camp friends

Bottom:  Pastor Jerry & Sister Lorinda on the golf cart in their living room, ringside seat to the water battle!

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Wednesday Night Juniors Celebrate Independence Day

Marching around the church in celebration of Independence Day

Teacher, Sister Lorinda, leading the march and Pastor Jerry bringing up the rear

After circling the church, twice they marched into the fellowship hall for snacks, July 4th crafts and games

Youth Teen Camp


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Fall Harvest Party

Karen got things off to a good start by telling a story and prayer at the "fireside." 

Excitement was high when the kids and youth tried to step on and burst someone else's balloon tied to their ankles.  Other games awaited them, such as basketball, bowling, fishing, tossing, etc.  They earned tickets playing the games which they used to "buy" things from the "store" and the "Deli." 

Pictures were taken in front of the church in a prepared setting of cornstalks, hay, pumpkin and scarecrow.

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The Kids (Big and Little) Portraits

(Big ones are adults disguised as helpers)

"Deli" Helpers

Some of the Games


Ken and Karen did a great job planning and executing the evening's activities.  Many of the youth helped with the set up and taking down as well as clean up.  Thanks to all the adults who unselfishly gave of their time and money to help with the food, games, serving and cleaning.

A special thanks to Pastor Jerry who took groups for a hayride around the area in the back of his trailer filled with hay pulled by his van.

Thanks to everyone who helped and participated!

Christmas Program

Youth leaders Ken and Karen outdid themselves with the beautiful props and settings for the Christmas Program.  A standing-room-only crowd was present to enjoy the youth and children's performance which was outstanding.  The costumes were created by Karen with help of a lot of sewing by Sister Lorinda and the help of many others.  Pastor Jerry spent time in his work shop making props and helping to install them on the stage.  Pastor Jerry, Sister Lorinda, Ken and Karen greatly appreciate all those who came out and worked for days ahead of the program preparing everything and decorating.  The pictures do not do justice to the performances, but we hope you will enjoy viewing them.

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Music playing--"Midnight Cry" from David's Southern Gospel Midi Tracks





@ Faith Tabernacle January 2010

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