As we begin a new year, we look forward to serving our "Soon-Coming King" at Faith Tabernacle.  It is our pleasure to share "What's Going On in 2011" here on our web place with all of our friends near and far.  Visit us at 1606 Electric in Lincoln Park and you will find a warm welcome from our friendly staff and congregation. 

"The Lord bless and keep you until His return!"

~~Pastor Jerry and Sister Lorinda~~




What's Going On in 2011

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Celebrating Pastor Jerry's birthday


New Members

Lisa Stratton's Baptism

The church met in the fellowship hall to celebrate Lisa's baptism after church

Fellowship after baptism

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Easter Sunday

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Ladies Day, Saturday before Mother's Day

A delightful day for the ladies on May 8!  Pastor Jerry did fried chicken and his famous cole slaw and assisted Sister Lorinda and Youth Leader, Karen Jacobs, in putting the rest of a delicious meal together.  Karen very efficiently emceed the event including an inspirational talk using our purses as an object lesson.  The theme for the day was "Purses."  Our purses were weighed and prizes given for the heaviest one and the lightest one.  Also a prize was given for the most unusual purse (see picture below in collage).

After the meal, Karen produced materials for a paper purse craft project.  The desserts included cakes baked by Karen on the purse theme.  (see pictures below in the collage).

There was also a silent auction of items the ladies brought. 

The ladies would like to express their appreciation to Pastor Jerry, Sister Lorinda, Sister Karen and others who helped with the planning and execution of an enjoyable day at Faith Tabernacle for the ladies!  Special thanks to the ladies who helped with the cleanup afterward.

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Sunday Mother's Day

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Father's Day

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Our hearts were saddened on August 4 when we lost one of our beloved, long-time members.  George Wright went home ahead of us, leaving his wife, Gloria, and their family.  Visitation was at Solosy Funeral Home on Fort Street; the  funeral was held at Faith Tabernacle on the following Sunday.

Click here for more about George

Tuesday Evening Fellowship

Lots of "good eats" and wonderful fellowship!

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Pastor Appreciation Day

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Sunday, September 18, was set aside by the church to honor our pastor and his wife for their faithful leadership of Faith Tabernacle.  Special guests were Rev. Jay Walden, his wife, Tammy and their children, J. J., Bethany and baby Charity.

Brother Jay is an anointed preacher and singer as well as a gifted musician and was accompanied by his son J.J. and  his wife, Sister Tammy.  Both J. J. and his sister, Bethany, sang songs as the family musicians played for them.  Baby Charity contentedly lay in her portable bed as the family treated us with their musical talents. After singing, Bethany ran the video recorder and helped attend to the new baby while the family was ministering on stage. The Waldens are special friends of Faith Tabernacle and the congregation is always blessed by their visits.

Brother Myerl Baker, Sunday School Superintendent, helped with planning the days's activities and was emcee for the occasion.  Brother Baker wears many hats at church and is a great help wherever he is needed.

After morning worship service, the congregation assembled in the fellowship hall where mounds of delicious food awaited to complete the celebration. 

A special thanks to Karen (Grubbs) Jacobs for her expert planning and implementing all the arrangements.  The church appreciates her tireless efforts to make the day enjoyable for Pastor Jerry, Sister Lorinda, the congregation and  our guests.

The food was plentiful and delicious, and the fellowship wonderful. 


After congregational song and prayer, David Grubbs opened the service with a song accompanied by church musicians: Sister Lorinda, Karen Jacobs, Gloria Wright, Dana Skeens, D. J. Grubbs.  Rev. Jay Walden and family continued with songs accompanied by their own music assisted by David and D. J. Grubbs.  Afterwards, Bro. Jay preached an anointed and very appropriate sermon.

After a sermon on "Shepherds" and reminding the church that Pastor Jerry had been a faithful shepherd with Sister Lorinda's supporting role, Bro. Jay invited the congregation to come up and give them a handshake and hug of appreciation. 

Food and Fellowship

Karen presented with a gift of appreciation by Jerry Jacobs

Pastor Jerry and Sister Lorinda responded to the church for their thoughtfulness

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Christmas Party at Big Bear Lodge

Our church family met at Big Bear Lodge December 13 for our annual Christmas Party.  Our thanks to Karen for all the hard work she did planning the event and making it an enjoyable evening.  We brought wrapped gift and played "Round-Robin" or "Merry-G0-Round" gift exchange (not sure it's called).  We could claim each other's gift or open a new one when our number was called.  One of the most popular gifts was the nut cracker which got passed around until frozen with its current owner.  Lots of fun!  Pictures below.

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Board Member Gerald Jacobs presenting Pastor Jerry and Sister Lorinda with gifts of appreciation for their faithful service.

Christmas Program

Under the direction of Youth Leader, Karen Jacobs.

 Sunday evening the 18th

It was a great success, the kids were wonderful.  Click here to view more pictures of the program and fellowship afterward.



George Wright


Below are some of Pastor Jerry's remarks at George's funeral:

George signed up for World War II; but he wasn't taken because he had broken his arm as a kid, and they didn't set it properly.

George was a history and mathematics teacher.

George loved to grocery shop and bought more food than they could eat or put in the refrigerator and cupboards.

George would sing all over the house; he had a great voice.

He and Gloria kept Gloria's mother for seven years when could no longer live alone.

George and Gloria would invite the whole family to their home on Christmas; they threw great Christmas parties.

George loved his little garden and loved to show those tomatoes off.

Daughter, Hope, said that for the past ten years, he would call her up asking that she send him books from  She said she couldn't ship them as fast as could read them.

She said her father, George, inspired her to read and that had been the highlight of her life.

George loved to travel as a young man.  He would set off across country with his brother to see old history sites and ball parks.

He loved old movies and could name every actor and actress from old Hollywood

George had two great neighbors, Don and Jean.  He loved to sit on the porch and talk to them. 

George read the Bible from cover to cover more than 65 times!  He knew the biographies of all U.S. presidents.

Our brother will be sorely missed by his church family.  He was a great contributor to the Sunday school discussions.  We are left with wonderful memories.

God bless and comfort his family.











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