Youth Leaders, Ken and Karen, teach the youth that--

"God allows U-Turns"




Wednesday night youth activities

Events are shown in chronological order below

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Some children like to come early and play games

Volunteers help with check-in, serving, games and wherever needed

The Juniors

Lessons come first

Then it's snack time for Juniors

More Wednesday Night Activities

October Fall Festival

Karen & Ken Jacobs, Youth Leaders

Sister Lorinda & Pastor Jerry

Wednesday evening, October 26, was set aside for "Fall Festival" for the youth.  Youth leaders, Ken and Karen Jacobs had the fellowship hall decked out in fall colors and themes and games set up all around the room.  A "lunch counter" sold hot dogs, nachos, punch and a great assortment of goodies which the kids paid for with the tickets they had earned playing games.  There were also trinkets available for "spending" their tickets.  A crew of adults served as waiters and waitresses, ran games and filled in wherever they were needed.  Thanks to everyone who made the night a great success.  The kids had a wonderful time, and the adults enjoyed helping and watching the kids having fun.

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"Stomping" balloons


And More Games


Portraits by Pastor Jerry


Christmas Program

Under Direction of Youth Leader, Karen Jacobs

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"The Kids"

"The Scenery"

"Fellowship After the Program"



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@ Faith Tabernacle January 2011

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