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Tuesday night Fellowship

Mother's Day

Father's Day

50th Wedding Anniversary of Pastor Jerry & Sister Lorinda

Ladies Conference

Revival with Rev. Jay Walden

Rev. Donnie Hill's visit

Pastor Appreciation Day

Thanksgiving Eve

Christmas Program

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Tuesday night fellowship

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We meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 5 PM.  Everyone brings a covered dish and we enjoy each other's cooking.

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Mother's Day

We had a nice crowd of mothers on their special day.  "Goody bags" were given to each of them and words of appreciation were spoken by Pastor Jerry as they stood before the church.  Here are some pictures of them.  Sister Lorinda was included in the ceremony and a special gift was presented to her as a mother and appreciation as a spiritual ladies leader.  Pastor Jerry greeted each mother and expressed his appreciation for them.

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Father's Day

As with the mothers, fathers were treated with "goody bags" and honored by Pastor Jerry with words of appreciation.  Pastor Jerry is a father, so he was included in the group of fathers who were presented to the church for honor.  In addition, a special gift of appreciation was presented to him as the spiritual leader of the church.  Pastor Jerry greeted each man to show his love and appreciation.

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Special Occasion! 

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Pastor Jerry and Lorinda celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on June 20, certainly a landmark occasion that not many reach these days.  They were delivered to the hall in a 1959 Chevy limo where their guests awaited their arrival.

The affair was a huge success as family and friends from near and far gathered to help celebrate Pastor Jerry & Lorinda's 50 years of marriage and  show appreciation for their untiring service to Faith Tabernacle.

Click Here for a special page commemorating this Special Occasion and more pictures.


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Ladies Conference

Shelton Park CGMA

Temperance, Michigan

October 3, 2009

Some of the ladies from our church traveled in the church van to Temperance, Michigan for the annual Ladies Conference.  Pastor Grubbs brought Sister Lorinda and met with us early on the way at Cracker Barrel.  He surprised us by treating us to a nice breakfast.

Sister Lorinda Grubbs was the keynote speaker.  Following her was Sister Linda Rose from Taylor, Michigan and then Sister Ellanor Yelverton of Toledo, Ohio.

Secretary-Treasurer, Kim Walden, greeted the ladies as they entered the church at the registration desk and took care of the silent auction of crafts, etc. that several of the ladies brought with them. 

President Lois Centers opened the meeting and welcoming the ladies was Kim Isham, pastor's wife of the host church.

Special music and singing was provided by the Rydell Family.

Sister Lorinda's message was "Faithfulness Rewarded" ;  Sister Rose's was "God's divine Purpose" ; Sister Yelverton's was "Women of Prayer."

The ladies of Lincoln Park left with pride in their representative.  Sister Lorinda gave an inspiring message about the various ministrations of women and the resultant rewards.

lick here for more:  Faithfulness Rewarded by Lorinda

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October 4, 5, 6

With Rev. Jay Walden, CGMA Missions Director

The church was blessed nightly by the ministry of Rev. Jay Walden, his wife Tammy and their children, "JJ" and Bethany.  Rev. Walden delivered powerful messages each night which the church received joyfully.  He and Tammy blessed the church with their ministry in song and music .  Bethany sang each night also and "JJ"  artfully accompanied all our music with the drums.

On the last night, there was a nice time of fellowship after service with food provided by the ladies of the church.  The church looks forward to having this family back in the future.

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Rev. Donnie Hill

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The church was blessed to have the CGMA General Overseer, Rev. Donnie Hill, for the Sunday morning worship service October 18.  Bro. Hill preached an inspiring message, reminding the church that it needs to have the "wedding garment" on at all times; because no one knows when the Groom will be returning for His Bride.  The Lincoln Park CGMA always enjoys the ministry of Bro. Hill and looks forward to his future visits. 

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Pastor Appreciation Day

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Sunday, November 15 was Pastor Appreciation Day; and it was a wonderful day for Faith Tabernacle folks.  Friends gathered at the morning worship service and filled the sanctuary to honor Pastor Jerry and Sister Lorinda.  They had a pleasant surprise when church began; Assistant General Overseer/Missions Director, Rev. Jay Walden and his family were the featured musicians and singers, and Rev. Jay delivered the message.  Before beginning his sermon, he mentioned the beginning of Faith Tabernacle in Detroit.  He and his wife, Tammy, sang an appropriate song titled, "Store Front Church."   He had contacted someone the evening before to get the words (see Tammy holding book with the words in picture below), because he felt it was typical of how Faith Tabernacle originated under the pastorate of Rev. Paul Grubbs

Rev. Jay esteemed Pastor Jerry's father, Rev. Paul Grubbs, as the founding pastor of Faith Tabernacle and honored him for his years of faithful service until shortly before his death.  His family members were instrumental in helping Rev. Paul founding and maintaining the church through the years.  Pastor Jerry, his sisters, Ina, Gloria and Mary were asked to stand to be recognized and honored for their years of faithful service.

(For more on the church history, click  "About Us.")

After his inspiring message, Rev. Jay asked Pastor Jerry and Sister Lorinda, Ina, Gloria and Mary to come to the front and stand so the congregation could greet them with hugs and words of love and appreciation.

After service, the entire congregation met in the fellowship hall for a delicious meal prepared by the ladies of the church.  The hall was decorated beautifully by Pastor Jerry and Sister Lorinda's daughter, Karen Jacobs.  Her elegant touch was seen throughout the room and her expertise was evident by the well-organized food bar, tables and the smoothness with which everything progressed until every person was adequately served and seated to enjoy the meal and fellowship.

The fellowship continued into the early evening hours.  Everyone reported that they had a wonderful day and a delicious meal as they ate each other's cooking.  The consensus was that this was one of the best Pastor Appreciation Days that the church had experienced.  The experience of fellowshipping in love is hard to beat for a memorable time.

A special spot in the fellowship hall was reserved for Pastor Jerry and Sister Lorinda and the Waldens.

After the meal, gifts and cards from the church and from members and friends were presented to Pastor Jerry and Sister Lorinda as expressions of their love and appreciation.

Miscellaneous Pictures

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Thanksgiving Eve

Instead of the regular Wednesday evening youth service and activities, Ken and Karen planned an evening for both youth and adults Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving.  It was a time of giving thanks, fun and fellowship.  Tables were set informally with subdued lighting and a Karaoke stage was set up.  Some of the teens opened the evening with singing with Karen at the keyboard, then Lorinda at the keyboard; Keith and Nathan did the drums.

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Tables in casual settings

Different individuals and groups sang.  The mike was passed around so that individuals' voices were heard.

Karen began the segment of giving thanks.  Various children and adults took the mike and gave a short "Thanksgiving speech" telling what they were thankful for.

The ever-faithful kitchen crew

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Game time and everyone joined in.

Some of the ever-faithful kitchen crew

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Christmas 2009


Pastor Jerry & Lorinda being honored for their labor of love at Faith Tabernacle

Pastor Jerry introducing Howard who provided fruit for Christmas treats

Christmas Program

Our Christmas Program was held on the evening of December 20.  Ken & Karen Jacobs did an outstanding job with the teens and children.  The stage scenery was beautiful.  To see more pictures, click below.

2009 Christmas Program

The Stage

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