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Sister Lorinda and Pastor Jerry 

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"I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD"  (Psalm 122:1).

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"I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD"(Psalm 122:1).

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Pastor Jerry's Birthday

Sister Lorinda's Birthday

Rev. Donnie Hill's Visit

Mother's Day

Father's Day

Rev. Mike Moore & Family Visit

Dresses for Missions

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Pastor Jerry's Birthday

(More pictures of Pastor's Jerry's birthday on 2015 Youth Page)

Sunday, January 11.  After evening service, We had a time of fellowship in the fellowship hall to celebrate Pastor Jerry's January 16th birthday.  His daughter, Karen, coordinated the event and had prepared food; other folks brought desserts and pitched in to set things up and clean up afterward.  The snow was falling fast outside, but warm fellowship was taking place inside the church.

Visiting from the Woodhaven Church of God were Rev. Josh Stephens, his wife Tiffany and their two children and David and Connie Goble. 

We all enjoyed good food and warm visits as we celebrated Pastor Jerry's birthday.

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Sister Lorinda's Birthday

Sister Lorinda's February Birthday was celebrated on Wednesday night Youth service since Sunday services had to be cancelled due to snow and very bad road conditions.  The kids made her a poster birthday card.

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Rev. Donnie Hill Visits

Sunday, March 22, we were blessed to have former General Overseer of our church visiting.  He delivered a stirring message of what Jesus did for us at the Cross.  After service, we had a nice time of fellowship and food in the fellowship hall.

Pastor Jerry made his "famous Cole slaw" which he makes "by the gallon."  There are always a few containers that go out the door with thankful folks. 

Our thanks to Sister Karen Jacobs and the Drama Team for their wonderful depiction of the crucifixion and resurrection.  The team changed into a choir to sing for us as well.

More Drama Team pictures, Click Here

Mother's Day

Sister Lorinda was honored by the church with flowers, a gift and card which were presented to her by Brother Gerald Jacobs.  She then expressed her appreciation to the church for their love, loyalty and support.

Pastor Jerry preached a sermon reminding us that mothers are special and loved by our families and by God. 

Each mother was asked to come to the front to be honored and each received a "goody bag" from the church.  Pastor Jerry took pictures and expressed his appreciation for all of our church mothers.

Father's Day

At the end of worship service, the church honored all our fathers.  All of them were asked to come to the front of the church and each man was given a "Goodie Bag" in appreciation of their attendance and support of the church.  Pastor Jerry expressed his appreciation to the men of the church and took their pictures (below).

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Rev. Mike Moore & Family

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It was a great blessing to have Mike and Kayla Moore with us on September 6 for the morning and evening services.  Mike inspired us all with his anointed preaching.  His enthusiasm was contagious for both young and old as he brought forth the Word of God.

Kayla blessed us with her beautiful singing; you can see and feel her love for the Lord.  It is so encouraging to see this young couple who are so on fire for Jesus and so willing to follow His will.

Of course we were happy to have little Gavin too and enjoyed watching as he followed in their footsteps.

Our prayers are with them as they continue to moved forward in their work for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dresses for Missions Project

Faith Tabernacle is participating in the missions project that delivers little dresses and other pieces of clothing and items mostly made from pillow cases to foreign missions.  Pastor Jerry and Sister Lorinda picked up the items and brought them to their home then spent hours folding and repacking them in strong boxes in preparation for shipping.  After repacking and sealing the boxes they had purchased in preparation of shipping, Pastor Jerry then delivered them to Pastor Jon Walden and Rev. James Walden, Sr. whom he met in Ohio and transferred them for the final journey to the huge "boxcar" taking them to their destination.  Below are pictures of just a small portion of the boxes they prepared and packed for the journey to little girls in Dominican Republic.

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Latest Report

We received word from Pastor James Walden, Sr. that the filled container is on the way to the Dominican Republic.  The container will go to the east coast and loaded on a ship.  Hopefully, it will reach the destination by December 1.  He said, "It will be a day of jubilee for the children and the parents of hundreds of families."

We at Faith Tabernacle are so happy that Pastor Jerry and Sister Lorinda were able to make it possible to send over 3,500 dresses and other items on this Christmas mission trip.

The dresses and other items were donated by the organization "Little Dresses for Africa."  These dresses are sewn by ladies from all over the United States and then donated to the charity.  What a joy to see the family of God working together to make all of this possible.

This wonderful work was started by a lady who had a vision and carried it out.  Her name is Rachel O'Neill.  You can go to this website for more information.

Little Dresses for Africa



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