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"I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD"(Psalm 122:1).

Faith Tabernacle is blessed to have Youth Leaders Ken and Karen who care about every aspect of the Youth Program.  Each child is precious to them and has potential that they strive diligently to develop fully.


Working, playing and praying together in the Kingdom of God to spread the Good News that God is Love and loves us all alike!

That's why we love to sing, "He's My Friend!"

We   our kids!

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Pastor Jerry's Birthday Celebrated

The Wednesday night staff and youth sang "Happy Birthday" to Pastor Jerry and shared his decorated cake.  For their craft they made birthday cards for him with the help of Sister Lorinda, Sister Lisa Barefoot and Sister Alma Ridings.  Cake in the picture was Pastor's special personal cake--Italian Cream Cake.

Pastor's birthday cards made by youth

We had to dismiss youth service around Sister Lorinda's birthday due to weather and road conditions, and the Wednesday night youth were not able to share in her celebration.  We wish her a Happy Birthday and a blessed year as she teaches the Juniors about Jesus and watches over their activities.

We appreciate Brother Kenny and Sister Karen who teach the older youth, and they meet with them for crafts and snacks while Juniors are having a lesson in the sanctuary.

Crafts by Kids


We appreciate all the "helpers" who are so faithful to come out and help in so many ways on Youth night.  There are snacks to prepare, crafts to help the youth prepare, games and activities to supervise, and unexpected duties.  Thanks!

Kids enjoy time in fellowship hall before service



Pastor Jerry explained the meaning of Easter and the sacrament using bread and juice.


Worship and Lessons

Teacher Lorinda "sent the disciples" out to bring others into the fold based on Jesus' admonition to "go into all the world."  One gathered one, then they two gathered another until all had been brought in.  With everyone brought into the fold, they sang "I'm In the Lord's Army."

Fall Festival Fun

The evening began with the kids sitting in a circle and Karen in the middle telling a Bible story and encouraging the kids to allow Jesus to come into their hearts and lives.

Then they played the game of stepping on each other's balloons that were tied to their ankles.  Ken and the "big kids" demonstrated how it was done.  Next came the various games set up around the fellowship hall where the kids could earn tokens they could later spend on trinkets, food, etc.  Each one was given a bag in which to keep their tokens until after game time.

Finally, it was time to "spend" their tokens for items in the bins set up by the food table and choose what they wanted to eat. 

Many thanks to the adults who came out to help make the Fall Festival Fun time a great success.  Hats off to the hard workers who helped set everything up, served during the fun time and then hung around for the quick cleanup so the day crew wouldn't have so much to do.  We appreciate everyone who had a part in this activity.  God bless you all!

A special thanks to Karen and Ken who tirelessly work to see that the youth program runs smoothly!

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