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"I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD"(Psalm 122:1).

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Farewell to Gertrude Kormos, Moved

Beloved Member, Claude Powell, called Home

Beloved Member, Ruby Smith called Home

Beloved Member, Elizabeth Conn called Home

Beloved Faithful Attendee, Diane Nickson called Home

Easter Sunday

Mother's Day

Father's Day

Dean and Loretta Russell Moving to Florida

Pastor Appreciation Day


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The Months of January and February have had us snow-bound because road conditions were too bad for our folks to be driving to church.  We had to dismiss a few services due to the extreme cold and snow.

We Bid Our Beloved Sister Gertrude Farewell

A nice potluck dinner was served in Sister Gertrude's honor after morning worship service.  We had a time of fellowship to honor Sister Gertrude before she left us for her new home.  She will be greatly missed.  We look forward to her visits when can come back and be with us.

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 Claude Eugene Powell

             On April 28, 2014, we had a "going home" celebration for our dear brother in the Lord, Claude Eugene Powell.  Claude’s son read from Claude’s journal sharing humorous and serious events of Claude’s life.

            Pastor Jerry conducted the funeral.  Sister Lorinda sang while church musicians provided the music, and Pastor Jerry led the congregation in singing songs Claude loved.

            The church was filled to capacity with family and friends who had come to show their last respect to this man who was loved by so many.

            Claude had a way about him that wherever he was, he was able to make lasting friendships, whether he was someone's neighbor or if he were shopping at Home Depot.

            He and his wife Geneva had been neighbors of Pastor Jerry and Sister Lorinda over 45 years ago. They had only seen each other a few times since then.      

            One night Claude came to church with his two sisters, Mildred and Alma. After attending a few services he eventually gave his heart to the Lord. He was always a happy person, but after he became a Christian, it seemed his smile just radiated. He would always make the comment that his sisters brought him over there at the church and dropped him off.

            Claude and Geneva both became two of Faith Tabernacle's most faithful members.  We will miss his silly grin, his rolls of bologna, his bass singing voice, but most of all we will miss hearing his testimony of how Jesus saved his soul.

            Our thoughts and prayers continue for his precious family that they will find comfort and strength in the days ahead.

Claude Eugene Powell

Date of birth - March 6, 1933

Place of birth - Barbourville  Ky.

Passed away - April 24, 2014

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Claude's empty pew reminds us of his absence and makes us sad, but we rejoice when we remember he is enjoying his Savior's presence where no tears will dim the eye.

"We'll be seeing you, Brother Claude!"

Sister Ruby Smith and Sister Elizabeth Conn

We lost two other dear members this year also, Sister Ruby Smith and Sister Elizabeth Conn.


This picture was taken a couple of years ago at our Mother's Day Service.           

Sister Ruby Smith


Ruby Pauline Smith, 96, of Lincoln Park, Michigan died on Wednesday, August 6, 2014 at here home.  She was born Saturday, March 9, 1918 in Middlesboro, Kentucky to the late Joseph and Cora Stewart. She moved to this area and married Edward Smith.  Together they raised 3 daughters.  She worked for 41 years for Guardian Glass.  Ruby always liked going to church, listening to gospel music and going to gospel concerts.  Her favorite song was "How Great Thou Art."  She is survived by her daughter, Joan D. Raines, four grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren and 2 great-great-grandchildren.

Sister Ruby's funeral was held at R. J. Nixon Funeral Home in Wyandotte, Michigan.  Her pastor, Rev. Gerry P. Grubbs conducted the funeral. 

Sister Ruby will be sorely missed!  She always had a hug and a smile for everyone before she left church and rarely missed a Sunday as long as she was able to go.

Sister Elizabeth Conn



Sister Conn was born August 17, 1929 and went to meet Jesus near His birthday celebration date, December 23, 2014.  Her funeral was held at Michigan Memorial Funeral Home in Huron Twp on Saturday, December 27; interment at Michigan Memorial Park.

Our (and her) pastor, Rev. Jerry P. Grubbs conducted the funeral.

Sister Conn was the preceded in death by her husband, Ervin Conn.  She was the mother of Deborah (George) Blue, Burl Conn, Sandra (Christopher) Dooley, Ervin (Claudia) Conn Jr., Jeffrey (Lauria) Conn.  She was the grandmother of 17, great-grandmother of 23, great-great-grandmother of 1.

She is survived by two brothers and one sister and preceded in death by seven brothers and five sisters. 

She will be sorely missed at Faith Tabernacle where she freely and often expressed her love for her Savior and looked forward to being with Him in Heaven.

Our church congregation met at the church on Sunday night, December 21; and after a song and prayer, we loaded up in vans and went to the nursing home to visit Sister Conn.  We had prayer with her and sang some hymns.  In spite of heavy medication for pain, Sister Conn joined us in the singing.  Individuals stopped by her bedside and spoke words of love and encouragement and then we left.  That was the last time any of the church saw her alive.  We were so thankful that the pastor had the insight and sensitivity to suggest visiting Sister Conn instead of our regular Sunday evening service.

Diane Nickson

We noticed that Sister Diane Nickson had missed a few services and called to check on her.  We received the sad news that Diane had passed away just a few days prior to our call.  She had not taken membership with us "on the books," but she was very faithful in her attendance and support and was loved by our congregation.  Diane was the only person from her family who attended our church, so we have no personal information for her.  We did learn that she died suddenly, apparently of a heart attack.  She will be sorely missed when see her empty pew!

Mother's Day

All ladies in our congregation were acknowledged and each received a "goodies bag" from the church.

Father's Day

All the men in our congregation were acknowledged and each received a "goodies bag" from the church.

So Long to Dean and Loretta Russell

Our church folks have been saddened again because a beloved couple, Dean and Loretta Russell, are moving to Florida!  They have been such a blessing to Faith Tabernacle with their faithful presence and support.  They will surely be greatly missed.  We wish them a smooth transition and a happy time in the sunshine state, and we will be looking forward to visits in the future when they are in our area.

The church had a "potluck"social after church Sunday night, July 6 in their honor.

God bless you, Dean and Loretta!

Pastor Appreciation Day

October 26

Pastor Jerry and Sister Lorinda appreciate all the folks who attended Pastor Appreciation Day activities.  The church was blessed by Rev. Jay Walden's timely sermon and the music and singing of Bro. Walden and his wife Tammy.  After service, a time of food and fellowship was held in the fellowship hall.  Little precocious three-year-old Charity Walden entertained us with her very "adult" conversations as she visited tables like an old "pro." 

Pastor Jerry and Sister Lorinda also appreciate all the gifts and affirmations of members and friends. 

A giant "Thank You" to everyone who brought food.  Many compliments were handed out for the delicious food all enjoyed with lots to spare for "doggie bags."  A special "Thank You" to Karen Jacobs who coordinated all the aspects of the day.  As always, she demonstrated her unique talents to put things together for a smooth operation of events.

Time for Fellowship


After Pastor Jerry's message, Brother Gerald Jacobs called him and Sister Lorinda to the podium and presented them with a card and gift from the church in appreciation of their loving service to our congregation.  Afterward, the staff was asked to come to the front to be recognized and received cards and gifts for their service this past year. 

Brother Kenny Jacobs then asked the youth team to come to the front to be recognized also and were presented with flowers and gifts.

The congregation then received "goodie bags" of fruit, nuts and candy.





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