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Sister Lorinda's Birthday

February 2 was Sister Lorinda's 70th birthday, and nearly the whole church family gathered at Baldo's in Brownstown for a celebration party.  Her daughter, Karen Jacobs, coordinated all the activities and did a marvelous job.  Sister Lisa Bearfoot assisted in decorating the dining room to create a festive atmosphere.  The food was delicious and the fellowship was wonderful.  Many were the gifts and tokens of appreciation to show Sister Lorinda how much she is loved by Faith Tabernacle for her tireless efforts to support Pastor Jerry in all areas of his ministry as well as her own as teacher in addition to all the other "hats" she wears.

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We at Faith Tabernacle love and appreciate you, Sister Lorinda!



Mother's Day

Pastor Jerry made his "famous fudge" and included it in a "goody bag" for each of the ladies.  They also received al nice red geranuum.. 


Father's Day

Each father received a "goody bag" put together by the ladies of the church.


The Rev. Jay and Tammy Walden Family ministered at Faith Tabernacle Sunday, July 15.  Eighteen-year-old "J J" preached Sunday morning and Jay preached Sunday night.  Both services were outstanding.  The family is multi-talented and blessed us with music, singing and preaching.  Baby Charity greeted everyone with "Hi" and a wave.  Her "big sister" Bethany was a devoted babysitter.  Mom Tammy was wherever she was needed:  at the drums, tambourine, harmonizing, checking sound system, etc.  We are always blessed and uplifted when this family visits.


Nathan's Baptism

Pastor Jerry baptized his great-grandson,, Nathan, at Sunday evening service on October 22.  Nathan is the grandson of Ken and Karen,, Youth Leaders, and son of Kenny, Jr.

Youth Fall Festival

Chef--Candy Man, Pastor Jerry

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Christmas Program

The annual Christmas program under the direction of Karen Jacobs was another outstanding event.  The kids were terrific, and played to a standing-room-only crowd.  The artwork and props were very realistic looking.  After the program, the fellowship hall was filled to overflowing for the food and fellowship.

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Youth Activities 2012

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Christmas Dinner and Pastor Appreciation

On December 18, most of our congregation gathered at the Taylor Golf Club House for our annual Christmas dinner.  The food was very good and plentiful, and fellowship followed the meal.  A gift exchange was monitored by Karen Jacobs as we claimed each others' gift or chose a new one. 

In addition to the annual dinner event, we took this opportunity to honor Pastor Jerry and Sister Lorinda as we do each year.  They received many nice gifts and were appreciative of the thoughtfulness of their church family.

It was a fun night, and our thanks for Karen for taking care of all the arrangements.  Here are some pictures.

Church staff acknowledged at Christmas





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