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On May 29, 1954 at 2411 Junction Street in Detroit, Michigan. Rev. Paul Grubbs and his wife, Vergel, began their ministry at Faith Tabernacle Church of God.  This was the beginning of a ministry that lasted continuously until Rev. Paul was called home to be with the Lord on May 28, 1995.

On February 20, 2007 the roll call in Heaven found Sister Vergel missing, and she slipped away from us to be with her beloved husband and the Lord.

Their physical presence may be missing in the church pews and their family reunions, but their ministry results will only be known when we see them at the Judgment of Rewards in Heaven.  Their children, grandchildren and their further extended family will reflect their work on earth, as will all the souls who have been blessed by their love and myriad selfless ministries.

Paul was born in Pineville, Kentucky on May 25, 1913; Vergel was born in Speedville, Tennessee on December 28, 1915. When he was 17 and she was 15, they were married January 23, 1931 in Fonde, a small rural town in Southeastern Kentucky and made their home there, near Middlesboro.

Mary wrote in Collection of Memories (of Fonde) "Our grandparents all lived in Fonde."  They were Hubert and Mamie (Fields) Grubbs, George and Nancy Elizabeth Bryant-Reed.

Hubert & Mamie Grubbs (Paul's parents)

George & Dollie Reed (Vergel's Parents)

Paul and Vergel began their life together when they were very young and produced five children:  Ina, Gloria, Mary, Jerry and Levenda.

Ina, Gloria, Mary, Jerry (Levenda came later)

Levenda (Missie)

Mary wrote in the memories book, "Dad loved mom, and mom loved dad and we all loved each other."

(Back) Mary, Levenda, Ina.  (Front Gloria, Jerry)

Paul worked in the coal mines.  His family remembers how dirty he was when he came home from work with his carbide lamp, hat and dinner bucket.

Paul and Vergel were both saved in June 1936 and attended the Fonde Church of God MA.

 The church was built from logs taken from trees downed during a tornado.  The picture below shows the tornado damage Fonde suffered.  Click on picture to enlarge (then click "Back" to return here).

Their preacher came by train once a month for services.   As was his custom, very often Paul would bring the preachers home with him for a meal and hospitality.  He never lost that trait; he just didn't meet strangers.

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As work waned in the coal mines, they moved to nearby Middlesboro where Paul got a job delivering mail.  He contacted typhoid fever and came near to death, weighing only about 100 pounds.  The family feels that it was a touch of the Lord that saved his life.  They then moved to Celina, Ohio where Paul got a job at Goodyear, but the South called them back to Middlesboro.  The Lord had some plans in the making.  Besides driving his truck hauling logs, Paul was asked to pastor in Marion and Valley Creek, Tennessee, so they drove over the mountain every weekend to minister.  They eventually moved to Tennessee to be nearer the church where his truck became the church bus!

In the 1950's, they moved their family to Detroit and discovered many of their fellow Fonde friends and relatives were settling there also.

  Rev. Paul Grubbs had been the pastor at Black Diamond, Tennessee; Valley Creek, Tennessee and Akron, Ohio.  He drove from Detroit to Akron when he was the pastor there.

Paul was innovative and used whatever means the Lord made available to minister to his flock, young and old alike.  Like procuring a bus to take them to other meetings.

The pastorate in Detroit/Lincoln Park lasted 45 years, until shortly before his death.  The city of Lincoln Park knew Paul Grubbs!  As he had always done, he made friends of strangers.  At his passing, the city posted the sign below in the center of town.

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After the death of her husband/pastor, Vergel continued to be a strong influence and supporter of the church they had nurtured for so many years.  The church and city of Lincoln Park was saddened again February 20, 2007 when she left her family and friends on earth to join Paul who was waiting for her.

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Paul and Vergel began their ministry in Detroit at Faith Tabernacle Church of God when the church was organized in 1954 on Junction Street.  It is doubtful that they could have imagined at that time how far reaching their influence and the results that would develop from that humble beginning, reaching into future generations.

Junction Street, Detroit

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From Junction, they moved on the a better location on Vernor in Detroit.  The work continued to grow and prosper.

Vernor Street, Detroit

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As they outgrew their Vernor Street Church, they began to look for another location outside of the dangerous streets of Detroit.  A site was found in Lincoln Park on Electric Street.  As soon as they acquired the property, the very talented family began renovations, and the church remains at this location today.

Electric Street, Lincoln Park

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The day awaited for:  Burning the mortgage

The legacy continues

The Congregation


Every individual in these pictures (and many, many more not pictured) have been touched, directly or indirectly, by the lives of Paul and Vergel Grubbs.  And it's not over yet!  Not until Jesus comes.

Paul and Vergel left their essence wherever they left footprints.  In addition to their full time pastoral duties, they both worked in Detroit.  He worked at Brass Craft and she worked at Salvation Army.  Only Heaven will reveal the spiritual aroma they spilled over onto those they came in contact with in their daily lives.

Paul was a gifted musician and singer (which he passed onto his family).  He blessed his own congregation with his talents as well as other churches when he visited them.  Vergel was the quiet supportive influence that rounded out their ministry and helped mold their family toward service to the church and to Christ.

Mary remembers a song that she said he was requested to sing a lot--"The Little Wooden Church on the Hill."

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That Little Wooden Church on the Hill

Every Sunday morning we had our family prayer

And into the old wooden wagon we would fill

We would start on our journey over rocks and rills

In that little wooden church on a hill


There were no fine dress dressed people

Just plain folk everywhere with plain old fashioned

ruffles, frocks and frills.

There were no form or fashions

Just plain old spirit filled

In that little wood church on a hill


You could hear those people singing a half a mile away

Your heart was made to linger, what a thrill

It would start your body moving, you just couldnít keep it still

In the little wooden church on the hill


In the little country graveyard lies a mother here and there

And the prayer she prayed for me they linger still

She prayed that I find Jesus and do His precious will

In that little wooden church on the hill.


 Jerry remembers another song he associates with his dad--"Down Through the Years"


Down Through the Years

Down through the years,

Godís been good to me


Down through the years,

Godís been good to me


Down through the years,

Godís been good to me


Let me tell you now

That Godís really been good to me


Some Family Pictures

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Their stars still shine to light the way for future generations to follow in their footsteps.  The multi-talented extended family continues to minister in various locations around the country which will be credit to the legacy of Paul and Vergel Grubbs and will keep their ever-shining stars brightly burning throughout eternity.

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Music "Pass Me Not" was another favorite of Paul and Vergel

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